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Donna West
For Clark County Democratic Party Chair

About Me


My background

Although I was raised in a Republican famity in a Republican farming community in a Republican county in  Pennsylvania, I'm a lifelong liberal Democrat.  Equality and social justice have always been paramount to me. In my late teens/early 20s I protested against the Vietnam War and marched to support the ERA and Roe v Wade. 

I've always felt the call to volunteer and to public service. Most of my 30 years with Nevada state government we're spent as the Administrator for Field Services for the Department of Motor Vehicles. I had a passion for improving customer service by working with employees, managers and legislators. Together we built new offices, developed new training and installed new technology to improve the experience of our customers.  Because I worked with many Governors and legislators on both sides of the aisle to accomplish our goals, I kept my politics quiet. 

When I retired I could finally fully engage in helping elect Democrats up and down the ticket. My first presidential campaign was for John Kerry. I served as a precinct chair and a delegate when Nevada held its first caucus on 2008. I volunteered with Obama for Nevada learning better ways to engage, activate and turnout voters. Having worked at the DMV I liked the use of data in a campaign. 

In 2012 I signed up early to work on President Obama's re election campaign. I assisted with events and served on the digital team amplifying the campaigns messages on Twitter and Facebook. The 2012 caucus was a rally and I was honored to lead it at Las Vegas High School.

I was excited to work on the 2016 campaign not only to retain the White House but also to elect Catherine Cortez Masto to the US Senate, to take back seats in the House along with both houses of the Nevada legislature. My garage was a staging location for canvassing and phone banking before the caucus. I canvassed 3 days a week and phone banked 3 nights a week.  At Mack Middle School I worked with a team of organized precinct captains on caucus day.  

With high turnout expected, I helped register delegates for the county convention. I served as a county, state and national delegate and floor whip for our conventions. After the national convention it was time to quickly get to work on the general election. I spent days registering voters and evenings hosting phone banks in my home until our local field office opened. I continued to organize 3 phone banks a week at our office, including one for grandmas.   And of course I continued to knock on doors.  My garage was  once again used to launch canvasses and hold phone banks to get out the vote for early voting and Election Day. 


My top issues

First and foremost I'm passionate about electing Democrats who will represent our values and fight for our issues. I believe in working for every Democrat up and down the ticket. Local elections impact our lives on a daily basis from zoning issues to the conduct in our schools to fairness in our courts. 

I'm a lifelong feminist, supporting access to family planning, birth control and safe, legal abortions. While supporting the 2nd Amendment I support universal background checks for each and every gun sale.

Voting rights, access to the voting booth and the ability to exercise our right is critical and must be protected and expanded 

i've lived in Nevada  for more than 40 years and love our desert, mountains and lakes. I support keeping public lands in public hands. I'm firmly against storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain and protested against it. 

I'm against voucherizing  our education system. I believe public money should only be used for public schools. 


My involvement

I volunteer with Moms Demand and Everytown on gun safety issues. As an advocate for reproductive rights and a woman's right to choose I volunteer with Planned Parenthood and NARAL. I'm an ally for the LGBTQ equal rights. As the grandmother of two boys on the autism spectrum I advocate for them and for all of those living  disabilities.

I have lobbied for clean energy and protecting our public lands, parks and monuments with the Nevada Conservstion League.  Among the many issues Battle Born Progress stands for, I've stood with them against school vouchers. 

I'm a member of the both the Clark County and Nevada State party central committees.  I belong to the ACLU, Nevadas Women's Lobby and the League of Women Voters. Being a part of clubs and caucuses enhances my understanding of issues so I belong to: Women's Democratic Club of Clark County, Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic caucus, Rec Rock Democratic Club, Nevada Veterans and Military Families Caucus, Stonewall Democrats, and Nevada Democratic Education Caucus. 

Contact Me

Every voice in our party matters and needs to be heard. Please feel free to call, text or email me


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

(702) 378-5074